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Under two days ago, we introduced a sneak peak at IWC's handsome new Aquatimer dive watch collection for 2014. We advise checking that publish for a little of additional information, too for context how IWC continues to be delivering new models as well as for some history behind their well-regarded as Aquatimer dive watch. Despite the fact that the SIHH 2014 trade event is not for an additional handful of days, we've new, interesting information that may help you understand the whole selection of IWC Aquatimer models for 2012. We do not have pictures of all things (yet), but we will explain what you ought to know until we are able to follow-track of a complete hands-on publish following the show later in The month of january.

IWC's tactics recently remain true into 2014. There's less concentrate on actions, and much more on cases, dials, and overall collection designs. Actually, IWC most likely has enough actions at this time and it is most likely focusing on fine-tuning their existing group of calibers versus attempting to make new actions. Within our previous publish (associated with above) around the 2014 Aquatimer collection, it had been suspected the new Aquatimer models might have base ETA actions as previous generation Aquatimer models had. That switched to be partly wrong. The brand new models are split between individuals which use base Swiss ETA actions and much more high-finish mixers feature IWC in-house made calibers.

As a whole, 2014 might find nine different new Aquatimers models. That does not start adding some color versions one of the standard models like the Aquatimer Chronograph or Aquatimer Automatic. The number has quite a number of styles, colors, materials, complications, and costs. Searching to the initial IWC Aquatimer watches from 1967, once we predicted before, IWC seemed to be heavily affected through the watches they created for Porsche Design in early eighties like the famous (and amazing) Sea 2000.

Let us begin with what we do not have to really demonstrate - these will be the two greatest-finish IWC Aquatimer watches for that year and can include a brand new depth gauge model using the Aquatimer Deep Three (ref. IW355701). This follows within the actions from the IWC GST Deep One and also the Aquatimer Deep Two. It's a mechanical depth meter watch that measures lower to 50 meters (although the watch is water-resistant to 100 meters). In the end aren't sure concerning the diameter from the situation, the Aquatimer Deep Three is going to be created in titanium. As the in-house made movement is not by itself new, IWC does claim it's enhanced within the previous generation Deep Two model.