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It's large also it goes lower pretty deep. It's also the very first real diver's watch from Corum will be able to think about (apart from a couple of dive style Corum Bubble watches). This is actually the new in 2010 Admiral's Cup Deep Shell 48 watch from Corum, which is rather interesting, though I've some ideas onto it overall. The Admiral's Cup line continues to be excellent towards the brand, and during the last couple of years Corum continues to be refining it a great deal. More models, plenty of variety, along with a furtherance of creating them look more macho instead of colorful (that was the classic look with the colored flags). Present day Admiral's Cup watches share hardly any that is similar to the originals. Here, the flags are barely there in monochromatic glory. The actual standout options that come with an Admiral's Cup watch is its 12 on the sides situation and bezel.

The Deep Shell 48 is within a 48mm wide titanium situation, and it is really weighty for titanium. It's in the end, a sizable watch. The situation is available in either blown titanium or perhaps in PVD black covered titanium. Both of them are limited models, and i believe there's grounds for your. Actually, Corum releases very couple of Admiral's Cup watches that are not limited models. It happens because most of them are highly niche specific or experiments. I recommend the Deep Shell is definitely an experiment. Corum is testing the look, and i believe they would like to create a serious situation for any Corum dive watch.